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A few thoughts...

Certainly, we're here because of Trump's Operation Warp Speed. Without it perhaps the pandemic would have burnt out before they ever brought candidate "vaccines" to trial.

While I do believe this was a plandemic, I'm not sure I believe Trump was a witting player. I suspect whoever/whatever is behind this used his weaknesses against him...and us. He's a business man and a developer, not a physician or a scientist. Frankly, his lack of basic understanding was obvious.

When the news of a potential benefit from HCQ was made pubic, Trump made a deal with Indian PM Modhi to get access to their supply. India had shut off exports. I've read that Rick Bright was the person who blocked access to that HCQ stockpile by the American people. I gather he didn't want a decades-old generic drug to interfere with his "entity of excitement". There were also some coincidental fires/explosions at HCQ manufacturing plants and precursor plants.

In our imaginations, monsters are big and scary and ugly. In reality, they're mealy-mouthed weasels with "ideas" and no morals.

One day, we'll know the truth. It won't end well for them.

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